The NCEP Climate Forecast System (CFS)

The CFS was developed at the Environmental Modeling Center at NCEP. It is a fully coupled model representing the interaction between the Earth's oceans, land and atmosphere. It became operational at NCEP in August 2004.

A description of the CFS is given in the following manuscript. Please reference this article when using the data.

S. Saha, S. Nadiga, C. Thiaw, J. Wang, W. Wang, Q. Zhang, H. M. van den Dool, H. L. Pan, S. Moorthi, D. Behringer, D. Stokes, G. White, S. Lord, W. Ebisuzaki, P. Peng, P. Xie , 2005 :The Climate Forecast System at NCEP. Submitted to the J. Climate.



The CFS retrospective forecast datasets in this server are time series of monthly means of the 53 most commonly used variables, described in:

The datasets are located here.

The codes, libraries and scripts to run the CFS model can be downloaded here. Please be advised that EMC does not have the resources to provide technical guidance with the running of the CFS model.

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